My Family’s 30 Day “Go Go Vegan” Challenge

It’s been about two years since I started this blog. The first time around, I didn’t Go Go Vegan for very long. I caved to the negative pressures of others and didn’t go about the right way.

This time is going to be DIFFERENT!

The important thing is, this time needs to be different. Over the last two years, my health and that of my husband and three kids has not improved at all. In reality, my husband and I are both as big as we’ve ever been and his blood work is not good at all!

A Refresher

A friend of mine recently posted an article on Facebook about a guy that went on a plant-based diet and got off 19 medications in 6 months! I was super impressed because I really want that for my husband. After I read the article, I realized I was on the website for Forks Over Knives. It had been two years since I first saw the movie, but decided to watch it again.

I was hooked yet again! I watched Forks Over Knives TWICE in 24 Hours. Then I started branching out to all the other movies like it on Netflix.

I watched Vegucated, Food Matters, and Hungry for Change. The more movies I watched and the more reading I did, the more I got excited!

A Quiet Commitment

More than just getting excited, I became more and more convinced that I needed to make this change for my family.

My goal was to attack my husband’s poor health, but I knew I could only really change myself. I hoped to just be a shining example and let my success win him over.

My plan was to quietly just make the change myself. Over the following few days, I just started skipping the meat and leaving the dairy out whenever possible of things I ate at home. A couple family members made comments and teased me a little but it wasn’t any big deal.

Then when my husband and I took our kids out for Mexican and I picked a vegetarian burrito off the menu, I think a switch flipped in my husband’s brain.

Out of the blue, my husband said “Ok, I’ll make you a deal. For the next 30 days, I’ll eat whatever you tell me to eat. At the end of 30 days, we’ll see how it went and decide if we want to keep doing it.”

WOW! To say I was shocked would be an understatement!! Thrilled beyond belief is more like it!

Having my husband support means the world to me, and having him trust me enough to lead him in this journey to better health is incredible!

The Challenge

So now the challenge begins. Actually, it began yesterday.

I am trying to stay as close to vegan as I can, but I’m cooking mainly Low-Fat Vegetarian for my family. I still plan to keep the dairy to a minimum, and keep the junk food out of here. I would be thrilled if my husband and I were both plant-based/vegan/whatever you want to call it because I believe that is the healthiest for us both. For now, I’m just easing everyone else into it all.

I’ll be posting about our 30 Day Challenge here along with our progress and some of the food we’re eating.


Feeling Defeated

It’s been a week since I started eating Vegan and although I personally feel great about the decision, I am totally discouraged. I don’t know why I thought for a second that our household could all be on the same page with eating.

So far this week:

  • my brother called me crazy for not buying milk
  • my dad thinks the entire vegan diet is ridiculous and has no scientific proof
  • my kids are complaining that we don’t have pizza, lunch meat, and candy
  • my sister-in-law thinks our pantry is full of crazy food
  • my husband accused me of tricking him about the food I fixed
  • and my grandmother claims to be on board with eating vegan but still eats everything else and feeds my daughter junk food behind my back

As of today, my mom and sister were mostly eating vegan but not entirely. My husband said he’ll eat whatever I fix to eat at home, but he won’t be giving up meat 100% of the time. I doubt he’ll avoid regular dairy products either.

I’m not feeling a whole lot of support right now and I’m just feeling completely defeated.

Is it worth it?

Should I give up?

If we didn’t live with my parents this entire issue would be completely different. I could make a decision with my husband and we could make our plans accordingly. But this combined household situation really messes that up. Now I’m faced with paying for food I don’t want my family eating and trying to keep my kids from eating food I don’t want them having. These are both two major headaches I wish I didn’t have to deal with.

The Start of My Vegan Journey

The movie Forks Over Knives was what caused me to examine my food choices and make the decision to become vegan.

I am not becoming Vegan because of my love for animals or for religious reasons. Honestly, I always thought it was crazy how animal activists act.

I’m doing it purely for health reasons.

I tend to be very skeptical about most things and so I like to learn all I can about something before making a decision.

The film, Forks Over Knives, plainly shows the medical reasons why eating a plant-based diet is the best way to eat for your health. As a daughter of a doctor, the medical truths were new to me but just hit me with a force that could not be ignored.

The movie is available on Netflix instant download.

I really recommend you watch it if you can. The #1 take away I had from the movie is that animal protein is basically fertilizer for tumor growth. Cancer is just so scary because it always seems so unpredictable and unexpected. This video explains how what we eats plays an active role on whether we get cancer or not.

I could go on and on. As I continue to learn more I’ll keep sharing it here.

Thanks for reading!