Vegan Taste Test: Almond Milk

More milk taste testing. The Silk Pure Almond Dark Chocolate milk has been a pretty good hit. My daughter loves chocolate milk of any kind so she wasn’t too hard to please. I thought it was pretty good too. The dark chocolate in the name threw off my son but honestly it didn’t seem to taste like dark chocolate.

The consistency was good too. Not too thin and not too thick like those corn syrup chocolate milks.

Unfortunately, the rave reviews did NOT carry over to the regular Silk Pure Almond Milk. I thought my oldest son was pulling my leg when he said, “I don’t like almonds. This tastes like almonds.” I figured he was just freaking out because of the name. But sure enough, the stuff tastes just like almonds. I don’t know why I didn’t expect that except that the Coconut milk didn’t taste like coconuts.

Oh well, I’m not giving up. I’ve got a few more choices to try. In the meantime, other members of the family have already started buying regular milk again. It makes it pretty impossible for me to insist that my kids drink funky new milk if the regular fattening milk is still showing up in the fridge. The battle continues I guess. I’ll keep you posted.


Vegan Taste Test: Vanilla Coconut Milk

Today I tried Vanilla Coconut Milk on my cereal.

Texture: The consistency was fine. A bit like skim milk and I’m used to drinking 2% milk so it was a tad thinner. I much prefer that over something too thick.

Taste: The taste was too sweet for me. Several weeks ago we had some unsweetened almond milk in the house. I didn’t taste that but the folks who did decided it was awful. So we though going with the Vanilla version of the coconut milk and the almond milk was a better plan.

I don’t think I’d reuse it for my cereal if I had a choice but it has definite possibilities for cooking. Plus, other people in the house might prefer it. I saw that there are several other great coconut milk products available. I can’t wait to try the coconut milk ice cream.